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FBE/WBE, EDGE, DBE and LEDE Certified Business


Flooring Foundations, LLC was created eight years ago with a single purpose. Our goal is to provide the flooring services that our clients request better than our competitors. This means that during the quotation process we can meet with our clients at their convenience, listen to their needs, and offer multiple options to meet their requirements of aesthetics and price. We will continue to have communication with our clients during the ordering process so that we can work within their schedule and build any relationships that are necessary with other trades that we will be working in conjunction with. During the installation phase, we are attentive to the project and proactive to insure that we meet the deadlines that are outlined.

Flooring Foundations, LLC goes about our relationships differently than our competitors do. Our goal is to give our clients the most complete proposal possible at the beginning of the process. We run a business as well and we understand the importance of setting and sticking to a budget. Therefore, we try to let our clients know upfront of any items that could cause an increase in price throughout the project. We do not want to nickel and dime anyone to death – known as the change order process in commercial contracting. When there are conflicts in the drawings that will affect the price, we let our clients know about those while we are in the quotation phase. This allows the client to determine which direction they want to go at the beginning of the project – and not to be stuck with only one solution because the project has progressed too far.

Flooring Foundations is a low overhead, streamlined organization. The employees and subcontractors that are involved with this company have been with me since day one. During these hard economic times, I believe that says a lot. These individuals are all business people that understand the industry and the products that we offer. They understand that our clients are our most valuable resource and will make sure that the client is happy not only with our products and our work, but also with our professionalism at the jobsite.

Please consider utilizing the experience that Flooring Foundations has offered to many clients throughout our existence. I look forward to hearing from you.

Melissa J. Albright

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